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2 Year Olds

2 two year olds playing   Classrooms in our two year old program follow the State of Missouri ratio of one teacher to eight children. This is an exciting time for your little one as we begin our Kindergarten Readiness Curriculum.  Your child will be introduced to colors, shapes, letters, numbers and much more as we begin our preschool journey.

Potty training is often started at this age and our two year olds have "child-size" toilets in restrooms located adjacent to their classroom.  Our teachers are experienced with potty training and will work closely with parents to promote a positive experience for your two year old.

Socialization is encouraged through both free play and organized play centers.  We follow a consistent daily routine that provides security for your two year old.

We provide breakfast, lunch and snacks.

Our two year olds have their own designated playground with age appropriate play equipment.

Children sleep on small cots at naptime with soothing music being played. 

You will be provided with a daily activity sheet outlining your child’s day.